Update, Feb 2022: Lotus Dimension launched as a newly revised edition, all in a single book!

Available here on 39forks Publishing

Also, here are a couple videos about the revised edition:

Once you've played through Quest 1, you will be ready to continue through the LD story. Quests 2 through 4 travel across the
globe along with journeys into the Petal Realms of the Lotus Dimension. More info below.

Quest 1, Liberation in the Zeppelins—included with the LD Starter Set—takes place between Lumbini, Nepal (birthplace of the Buddha)
and Bodh Gaya, India (place where the Buddha first experienced enlightenment). The player characters (PCs) will need to break free from
a floating prison, make their way into the petal realm, and ultimately liberate a monastery that has come under corrupt rule.

Quest 2Bearing the Drift takes place in Northern Africa from Egypt to Morocco. PCs must deliver a mysterious package, evade a dark
bodhisattva donning a gas mask, travel across the Sahara, find their way into the secret portal in the old medina in Fez and navigate the petal
realm armed with a personal mandala map of their own making.

Quest 3Archive of Silence takes place from Spain to Ireland, players may explore a series of eccentric shops in search of direction, break
into a mysterious fortress, experiment at a festival of futures, and later may need to find their way out of a land of eternal youth. 

Quest 4Black Lotus Rising lands in New York City, and players are juggling the threat of a dirty bomb planted by a terror group with
rescuing a missing comedian so that she can deliver important information to the masses on a famous late night talk show. Finding clues around
the city leads to a final battle with the most menacing of dark bodhisattvas yet.

Quests 5-8: Coming soon, stay tuned!






The first eight quests take players around planet Earth in 2088, as well as the 8 petal dimensions. By the end of Quest 1, even players new to RPGs will have a solid handle on the game mechanics and nonviolent strategy. Players will learn of apocalyptic plan of the Black Lotus, and will need to work together to save both the world, and the petal realms.

The mindfully strenghtening PCs will be matched by increasingly powerful opponents and situations, and will ultimately need to use everything they’ve learned—and earned—to save humanity.