Lotus Dimension Starter Set:

LD Starter Set, PDFs: $25

LD Starter Set, PDFs PLUS Quests 2-4 (nearly 200 pages across 6+ booklets): $40

To purchase, send email to: TheLotusDimension@gmail.com


LD Boxed Starter Set includes:

- Guru Guide Handbook
- Player Handbook
- Quest #1: Liberation in the Zeppelins
- Pre-generated character sheets 
- Blank character sheets
- Six eight-sided dice
- One karma coin
- A primer for players new to RPGs

Recommended 3-5 players age 12+
All artwork and content © 2016 
Scott Wayne Indiana. All rights reserved.

Read the bottom of the LD Starter Set Box:



Additional Files:

LD blank character sheet:

or PDF

For assistance in developing new characters, please refer to the LD Player Handbook, available with the Starter Set.

LD Blank Encounter Tables

or PDF